By Barry Carlyon

Twitch Predicts: The Streamer Awards

The Streamer Awards is an annual awards show that celebrates achievements in the live-streaming industry over the past year. As the first ever streamer-oriented awards show, we aim to recognize the best that live streaming platforms have to offer, as they continue to grow in popularity and change how people consume entertainment.

Join in with the action by placing your predictions on whom you think will win this years awards!

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Get the Extension

  • Install the Extension. Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Click continue
  • The extension is available to ONLY the component slot (and mobile users), so pick one of your Component slots (you have 2) and away you go
  • After some people from your community have voted, you can check out your Community Leaderboard via the Configuration View


The configuration view for the Extension (Click here -> My Extensions and then the Cog for "The Streamer Awards: The Predictor"), will present two leaderboards

Your Community (this may be blank if no viewers voted yet) and the Global Leaderboard showing you all of Twitch

These will update every 30 seconds or so

Chat Badge

There is a chat badge that goes with the extension

You've completed all categories of the 2024 Twitch Predicts: The Streamer Awards extension!

You need to have created your bracket by February 17th 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Badges will be distributed the following days after the initial broadcast of The Streamer Awards on February 17th.

Check the Twitch Blog for Details

Known Issues

  • All is well in the world!


  • Q. Is this ACTUALLY voting for the Streamer Awards?
  • A. No, this is just a viewer "pickums"/prediction "game". Voting for The Streamer Awards is actually complete!
  • Q. What even are The Streamer Awards
  • A. You can find out more about The Streamer Awards on the Official site.

The Extension in Action

A random group from whom is live, pop in and create your bracket TODAY, or suggest the extension to your favourite streamer