By Barry Carlyon


FlightSimTrack is a Twitch Extension which, using a small program, relays information from your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, session to a Twitch Extension

You can either enable this as a video component extension or as a panel Below the stream

The Extension will collect and display

  • Your current Plane
  • Your current Location, Altitude, Speed, Heading in the sim
  • Information about your Radio and Transponder frequencies
  • Information about other AI Controlled planes (not other players) within a 10km radius of your location in Sim

Get the Extension

  • First download the sending application
    • Currently this may trip your AntiVirus or Windows Gatekeeper, please feel free to fully virus scan before running. The Application is Signed with a Certificate identifying "Barry Carlyon".
    • The file is 57M in size
    • The file is called "FlightSimTrack Setup 1.0.2.exe"
  • Next install the extension. Current Version: 0.0.1
  • Activate the extension into the slot of your choice. We support both the Video Component and Panel slots
  • Click the cog to configure the Extension
  • Detailed instructions, on how to obtain and use your Connection Key will be shown there!

Known Issues

  • Due to a bug in MSFS2020, we may not pick up your current Plane correctly, if the app is started after starting a Sim session. Either "restart" the session, of just leave it be!
  • Due to some inconsistencies in how MSFS2020 handles Aircraft models, FST might not pick up the craft you are flying correctly. Should be fixed in Desktop v1.0.2, and some modded craft will need investigating!
  • OpenAIP map not working in some browsers
  • On Mobile the navigation opens new windows as well as navigating
  • It will not pick up "other players" within the 10km range, only AI controlled Craft, this is a MSFS2020 limitation
  • Component view needs to have it's dimensions tweaked, it's a tad big!

Issues by app

  • As of MSFS v1.12.13.0, if you restart MSFS, FlightSimTrack won't reconnect to the Sim. So just restart FlightSimTrack, (Fixed in Desktop 1.0.1)

Upcoming Features

More Map Options, like your own Bing Maps API key, and overlays such as Weather

Chat could cause failiures via Bit or Channel Points usage, stream price/enable selectable.


  • Q. Why are we in the middle of the sea?
  • A. This usually means that you are in the main menu. And the sim will send the Lat/Long as basically 0/0
  • Q. Are there any limitations
  • A. Twitch limits us to an amount of data we can send, so generally, we'll send around 80 planes that are within range of you.
    If you are using modded planes, it should pickup the Planes name/description correctly! Please let me know if there are some that do not get detected correctly.
  • Q. Can I minimize the application?
  • A. Yes, minimizing the application is perfectly fine.
  • Q. Can I run it on another computer?
  • A. No, it's expected that the application runs on the same computer as the simulator
  • Q. What about other languages?
  • A. The extension itself is currently in English only. We'll be looking at translations in the future
  • Q. I need help!
  • A. Either drop me a Whisper via Twitch, or via Twitter or an Email via the one listed on the extension page

Mapping Credits

We use two mapping providers

Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA

Data used comes from openAIP. Visit and contribute to better aviation data, free for everyone to use and share.

The Extension in Action

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