Change Log: Extension

v0.0.5 - December 8th 2022

  • [Maps] Repairing/upgrading support for the openAIP maps after an API change

v0.0.4 - January 13th 2022

  • [Enhancement] Twitch required changes

v0.0.3 - April 10th 2021

  • [Enhancement] improved Plane information
  • [Enhancement] display flight plan and waypoints if one set
  • [Fix] reduce "middle of sea" shown to viewers

v0.0.2 - February 11th 2021

  • [Fix] a Mobile bug when navigating tabs causing a WebView to popup
  • [Fix] the openAIP map not loading in some cases
  • [Enhancement] add more Map types
  • [Enhancement] adjust Component display parameters to be more friendly
  • [Fix] Radio frequency displays for consistency
  • [Enhancement] display improved information about the current plane
  • [Fix] Plane icons were rotating around the wrong point for heading indication
  • [Enhancement] add one click setup for the Connection key in config views
  • [Enhancement] add a waiting for data scene/view

v0.0.1 - December 21st 2020

  • Initial Release

Change Log: Application

v1.0.8 - November 18th 2022

  • [Fix] Resolved an issue with auto reconnect to the Sim

v1.0.7 - November 11th 2022

  • [Fix] Resolved an issue when the player is flying a helicopter, prevention location/craft tracking working as expected

v1.0.6 - April 10th 2021

  • [Fix] Improve the game reconnect logic, if the game CTD's or being restarted
  • [Feature] You can choose/pick the color of the Route on the map via the color picker provider

v1.0.5 - April 10th 2021

  • [Bug] Fix a crash loop that was occuring during Flight, with updating the FlightPlan from Game to Server

v1.0.4 - April 10th 2021

  • [Security] Electron/Library updates
  • [Fix] in some cases, the app will memory leak when the app is open and the sim is closed. The app will now give up connecting after 10 times and wait for a manual prompt. Thanks to Malic_VR for the report.
  • [Feature] update for processing and relaying a Flight Plan
  • [Feature] update for processing various GPS/Flight Plan data

v1.0.3 - February 11th 2021

  • [Security] Electron/Library updates
  • [Fix] library fix that could cause crash to desktop in the sim when certain data was called
  • [App] Updates to the data definitions for what is sent from sim to server

v1.0.2 - December 24th 2020

  • [App] Fix for reading Plane Model/Manufacturer/Description better for Premium/Deluxe Planes
  • [App] Read a more "rich" description about a plane from the language file where available

v1.0.1 - December 23rd 2020

  • [App] Fix for not being able to reconnect to the Sim, after restarting the Sim but but FlightSimTrack
  • [Sim] Updated SDK to v0.9.0.0, inline with MSFS

v1.0.0 - December 21st 2020

  • [App] Initial Release