By Barry Carlyon Game Information Game Information is a twitch extension which uses the Twitch and IGDB API's to collect information about the game you are streaming on Twitch and present this information to the viewer.

This includes information such as the Title and Box art, whom developed the game, a short summary

The Viewer may also look at some screenshots from the game and see what platforms the game is on and various other websites about the game are displayed

This includes store information such as Steam, GOG And EPIC Games Store. But not links due to Twitch Policy!

All data is collected from's API and Crowd sourced.

This extension is not an official product of and created by the 3rd party Barry Carlyon

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Get the Extension

  • Install the Extension. Current Version: 0.1.5
  • Click continue
  • Activate the extension into the slot of your choice. We support both the Video Component and Panel slots, we recommend Video Component
  • Optional: Click the Cog and Link your Twitch Account to the Extension or click here. This allows us to automatically broadcast game updates to the Extension for your channel. If you change game mid stream!

Known Issues

  • All is well in the world!


  • Q. What even is anyway?
  • A. is the Twitch Operated Game information database. Featuring validated user curated information and data about games. It also powers the Twitch Category. So for a game to be on Twitch it needs to be on, you can read more about on their about page
  • Q. My Channel Game data is out of date?
  • A. In the config view you can hit "Dump Cache" to force dump and reload. Also consider linking your Twitch Account to the Extension to help with auto updates
  • Q. The Game data is WRONG!?
  • A. Then you can submit corrections directly to IGDB, click the "Data Provided by" link to be taken to the Record and submit revisions!


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"I use it, and it's great!

(There, I did it. A deal's a deal. Can you fix my laptop NOW?!)"

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"I have this on my panels under my stream. It works really well 👍"

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"I have quietly used this since day one and love it. 10/10 would/have recommend."

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Random subset of games, from what people have streamed in the last 24 hours, there has been 265 different games played in the last 24 hours by streamers using this extension! Click a box art to vist the IGDB record for the game!

The Cover Art for: The Surge
The Cover Art for: Hunt: Showdown
The Cover Art for: Risk of Rain 2
The Cover Art for: Castle Crashers Remastered
The Cover Art for: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
The Cover Art for: Quest Master's Realm
The Cover Art for: The Darkest Tales
The Cover Art for: Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear
The Cover Art for: Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The Cover Art for: Shining Force II
The Cover Art for: Enshrouded
The Cover Art for: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
The Cover Art for: Resident Evil 2
The Cover Art for: Call of Duty: Warzone
The Cover Art for: Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
The Cover Art for: #Blud
The Cover Art for: Factorio
The Cover Art for: Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

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The Extension in Action

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