Updated: 1st October 2021

Privacy Policy

Information that I collect and store

  • For the channel that the extension is installed upon, the Public channel data (username, display name and TwitchID) is collected and cached for 24 hours
  • The current game the streamer is playing is collected and cached for 5 minutes

Information that I relay to Viewers

  • Your Channels Username, Display Name and Twitch ID (all public data)
  • The Game you are playing on stream, (which is on your Channel page as well)

Information that I have

  • Users using this website and the Extension have their IP address is passivly logged into access logs, and cannot be linked back to your TwitchID
  • Users using this website and Extension will have their IP Address collected by IGDB.com or Twitch via their Image CDN's

Information I share with third parties

  • The website uses Google Analytics to help with monitoring and usage.
  • Google Analytics does not run on the extension itself