By CMDR Barry Carlyon


EliteTrack is a Twitch Extension which, using a small program, not dissimilar from EDMC, relays Journal Events from your active (PC Only) game of Elite Dangerous to the Twitch Extension

Viewers of your stream can optionally enable the video overlay, and view these events

Get the Extension

  • First download the sending application
    • Currently this may trip your AntiVirus or Windows Gatekeeper, please feel free to fully virus scan before running. The Application is Signed with a Certificate identifying "Barry Carlyon".
    • The file is 61.25MB in size
    • The file is called "EliteTrack Setup 1.1.0.exe"
  • Next install the extension. Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Activate the extension into the slot of your choice. We support both the Video Overlay and Component slots
  • Click the cog to configure the Extension
  • Detailed instructions, on how to obtain and use your Connection Key will be shown there!
  • You can monitor the event feed, direct from your Twitch Dashboard

Known Issues

  • No Ranks for the new Odyssey ranks
  • EliteTrack needs to remind you to open EliteTrack. IE You have the extension running but forgot to start the sender application. Currently you can check status in your dashboard!

Issues by app

None at this time!


  • Q. Are there any limitations
  • A. Twitch limits us to a number of events per channel in a given time period. So some events if arriving rapidily will be queued.
  • Q. My journal is not in the default location!
  • A. Thats ok! The App will ask for you to define the location when it can't find any journals in the "usual" place, and you can change it at any time!
  • Q. Can I minimize the application?
  • A. Yes, minimizing the application is perfectly fine.
  • Q. Does it run with Xbox/PS4 Elite?
  • A. Not currently! This is being looked into to see what is possible!
  • Q. Does it conflict with EDMC/Voice Attack/Other journal based programs?
  • A. It should not conflict no, I currently run three different applications that read my journal, without issue.
  • Q. Can I run it on another computer?
  • A. Yes, but network weirdness or lag could occur.
  • Q. What about other languages?
  • A. The extension itself is currently in English only, some journal data is localised but we use the English Translations right now. If there is interest we can create a translated version!

The Extension in Action

  • Loading Streams

Find your favourite streamer in The Directory and suggest them to install EliteTrack!