Updated: 28th May 2018

Privacy Policy

Information that I collect

  • Your Elite Dangerous Journal
  • Your Twitch UserID and CMDR Name
  • Your ship status, location and game mode (Game Mode is NOT shared/visible to viewers)

Information that I relay to Viewers

  • Journal Event Name
  • In game chat that is sent or recieved, which is all shown on stream anyway. This includees but is not limited to,
    • NPC Received
    • Local Chat sent
    • Local Chat recieved
    • Wing Chat sent
    • Wing Chat recieved
    • Direct Chat sent
    • Direct Chat recieved
  • Mode Dependant:
    • Current Location (On FSDJump)
    • Missions, who for, status (completed/failed/working on)
    • Current Cargo or Passengers in the hold
    • Bounties and Conflict Zone results

Information that I have

Your IP address is passivly logged into access logs and is not linked directly to journal or your Twitch ID

Journal records (and thus your current game status and location) is linked with your Twitch ID and CMDR name

Journals relayed maybe collected by the server for testing/replay purposes to improve the extension

Information I share with third parties

The website uses Google Analytics to help with monitoring and usage.

Google Analytics does not run on the extension itself, including but not limited to the video, configuration or dashboard pages

Journal Data

Journal data provides me with the following information, including but not limited to:

  • Current Location, System, Body/Station
  • Current Game Mode
  • Messages sent by and to you and other commanders
  • Current Ship health
  • Current Accepted Missions
  • Mission complete/failiure status
  • Information about NPC's and/or CMDR's you kill or are killed by
  • Basically ANYTHING that appears on screen we have a record for