Change Log: Extension


  • [bug] - Fix a error message being displayed whe the extension is in the video slot (rather than component)
  • [feature] - Updates to dashboard and config panels for wording, screenshots and links


Minor bug fixes and UI Tweaks

  • [cosmetic] - When in Componenet mode, limit width to 300px so UI works correctly, display an errir instead
  • [bug] - Fix Cargo Display, not showing correctly (was server hot patched) (Reported by darkinsanities)
  • [bug] - Display Times in Statistics in a human readable, instead of seconds (Reported by darkinsanities)
  • [feature] - Show more statistics informations and Ranks
  • [cosmetic] - tweak ship display a little


Total rewrite of the extension offering more features and better support for the component UI

The Extension provides NINE different sub views for the viewer to navigate.

  • Status - A ship status board with pretty lights
  • Missions - Current Active Missions
  • Cargo - What do you have on board
  • Location - Information about your current location
  • Ships - The Ships you own
  • Community Goals - Shows information about current CG's if any
  • Engineers - What engineers you have unlocked and the tier you are at
  • Statistics - Your Statistics from the Right hand panel
  • GalNet - All the latest news from GalNet


Just an update to the Screenshots for the extension, as they didn't stick correctly with the v0.0.5 update


The UI was refreshed

Add a little Status UI to reflect some information about your Ship:

  • In SRV, Fighter, or Main Ship, when in Main Ship show Landing Gear instead
  • Shields Up/Down status
  • Hardpoints/WPNS deployed status
  • Ship Lights status

Added support for Twitch Components, you can enable Elite track as either a full screen extension, or as a component extension, which gives you a little control over placement, if using as a component, we recommend you stick it on the right hand side currently!


Fixes and updates to FDEV translations

Fixed an issue with Displaying of Body/Star scans

Attempted fix for $strings in passenger missions, more work needed here

Initial Beyond support.


Fixes and updates to FDEV translations

Fixed an issue with Mode:Combat Combat Zone bounty reporting


Add support for the four display modes

  • Explore
  • Combat
  • Trade
  • Missions


Initial Release

Change Log: Application


May 2021 - pending

  • [general] General updates/depenancies
  • [general] Merge/tidy up updates from other apps for ease


[bug] Fix a bug relating to Key entry (thanks to apocvgaming and Tynow for the reports)


[security] General updates/depenancies, improved Electron security

[misc] Removed jQuery

[bug] Fixed a issue where people with odd OneDrive configuration, could not point to the right directory to read Journals


[security] General library updates, Electron v11 now

[cosmetic] Removed help and merged with options

[bug] UI was always stuck on "First Read" now will show the true last event

[fdev] Update to handle NavRoute for later use in the Extension


[bug] Fix for FID not being stored internally and up passed up on Reconnect, breaking storage/recall

[enhancement] Show server connection status


Rewritten application that is even more CPU friendly. Uses a new release method for installtion and future updates

The Application is also 15/20% smaller on the download!


[security] Instructions on how to upgrade the application


[cosmetic] At boot check the Widndow is on a display and reposition to top left if not. Thanks to /u/FadedCalic0Jack on Reddit for the Report.

[security] Application is now signed with a Certificate Identifying "Barry Carlyon"


[security] Periodic update of libraries


[enhancement] Q4 Beta adds improved Cargo tracking. Add support for this

[feature] Any crashes are auto reported for later investigation


[enhancement] Reduce CPU usage of the application, when you have a folder full of main journal files

[feature] Tweaks to functions that send "large" data to the network, market/shipyard etc

[cosmetic] Remove Game Mode, Cargo, and Passengers from the Display in the App.

[cosmetic] Replace title bar with something prettier


[feature] Beyond release support, ensuring no meltdowns

[feature] Ensured can handle the new journal events, prepare for new features which we can test when Beyond is live, expect a Extension Release v0.1.0 to follow within the week

[feature] We can now track Drones better for the Cargo tracker

[feature] Send the new status files to the server for use in new Overlay features


[feature] Hot patch to deal with new files in the journal directory. This does *NOT* allow new Journal Data to be used at this time!

[security] Updated Electron as per guidance from Electron. This does not effect EliteTrack!


[bug] Fixed an issue running Passenger Missions and "fake cargo", thanks to kofeyh for the report

[bug] Tweaks to cargo handling during Passenger Missions

[bug] Fixed a hiccup with the program updater, thanks to Frici for the report

[bug] Fixed an issue when you die in a Fighter DarkInsanities for the report


[bug] Fixed an issue when purchasing a new ship, thanks to DarkInsanities for the report


[bug] Fixed a issue with Passenger Mission Redirects, thanks to Frici_ for the report

[app] Initial work on improved Passenger Handling


[bug] Commodity handling for Mission Completions, when a commodity is the reward

[bug] Cargo processing during game boot

[bug] Cargo processing/reset at death

[bug] FuelLevel at resurrect

[bug] Ignore Drones more fully

[bug] Shield status tracked correctly


[bug] Missions being sticky when Abandonded, thanks to LadyMatrix for the report

[bug] Patch a hiccup, that could result in current Journal being resent in full

[bug] Account for new items being added to Elite that a don't have an official name/translation

[bug] Fix logic to determine ship capabilities

[app] Refactored sections of the Application to make it easier to access some controls. They are in the alt/main menu

[app] Adjusted font and style slighty, Reduced the font size

[feature] Show Cargo and Fuel value/total


[feature] Four mode support and related internal status tracking for missions and cargo


[feature] Allow users to select/change Journal File Location


[app] Initial Release